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Since the moment Lana Del Rey revealed her next album would be titled "Honeymoon", fans everywhere have been eagerly anticipating an upcoming single. First, the lyrics to the title track "Honeymoon" were released in a booklet on Endless Summer Tour's merchandising. Second, Lana filmed a new m(...)
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American songwriter and music producer Emile Haynie, who has produced many of Lana Del Rey's singles from "Born to Die" is releasing his début album, "We Fall", on 24 February 2015. His album features various other artists such as Rufus Wainwright, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Lykke Li and of course L(...)
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Emile Haynie, producer of 'Born To Die' published on his Instagram a snippet of a song called 'Wait For Life' featuring Lana Del Rey that be on his upcoming new album 'We Fall'. Listen to it below: Um vídeo publicado por Emile Haynie (@emilehaynie) a Dez 12, 2014 at 10:47 PST (...)
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Lana Del Rey's ex fiance Barrie-James O'Neill posted a preview of his new song, "Riverside," on Instagram which features Lana. [video width="640" height="640" mp4=""][/video] Barrie shared some lyrics for the song on his Facebo(...)
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In a recent interview with Howard Stern, James Franco was asked about Lana Del Rey and talked about the rumors about dating her. You can listen it all below: "We're not dating. I would have sex with her music." - James Franco (...)