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Between performing at various festivals, Lana Del Rey found some time to spend with her sister Chuck and assistant Stella. On August 3, the three women were spotted shopping in SoHo, Manhattan. They wondered into a Brandy Melville store at one point. The day after, Chuck shared via her Snapchat ((...)
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On August 1, Lana Del Rey was spotted back in Manhattan, New York with her sister Chuck and assistant Stella. She has recently been performing at various festivals all over Europe and the US and will continue to do a few more from August 7th. Click here for the rest of her schedule. Candids > 20(...)
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On July 7th, Lana Del Rey was spotted at LAX Airport as she boarded a flight to Belgium to perform at the TW Classic festival. Candids > 2016 > Catching a flight to Belgium at LAX Airport in California, USA (July 07) x— 25 pictures were added —x More? Follow us on Twitter | I(...)
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On July 3rd, Lana Del Rey was spotted in Malibu with her sister Chuck. The pair were seen gathering supplies - potentially for the Fourth of July - with Chuck pushing a shopping trolley full of snacks and Lana carefully carrying a cake in a white box. Candids > 2016 > Shopping with Chuck G(...)
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Lana Del Rey recently celebrated her 31st birthday, on June 21st, by watching the Strawberry Moon in the early hours of the morning. On the same day, she was seen shopping in a supermarket with American musician and producer Jonathan Wilson. A few days later, on June 25th, Lana was also spotted out (...)