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Lana Del Rey tells James Franco “life is a honeymoon” in V Magazine

James Franco interviewed Lana Del Rey for V Magazine where they discussed her new album ‘Honeymoon’ and the criticisms she faces.

Another topic that was brought up was Lana’s infamous feminism quote from Fader magazine, which she explains further.

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Huffington Post has brought us an inside look into the interview with V.

On her ‘anti-feminism’ quote: “Some people listen to music and they don’t really think about it too much further than that they like to hear it in the car. Some people listen to it and they think, ‘God, that’s appalling, I’m not going to let my daughter listen to that.’ The luxury we have as a younger generation is being able to figure out where we want to go from here, which is why I’ve said things like, ‘I don’t focus on feminism, I focus on the future.’ It’s not to say that there’s not more to do in that area. I’ve gotten to witness through history the evolution of so many movements and now I’m standing at the forefront of new technological movements. I’m not undermining other issues. But I feel like that’s obvious, like I shouldn’t even have to bring that up.”

On receiving criticism for her music: “First of all, when you’re writing a record alone, you don’t really think about the effect your music is going to have on other people. I’m not really the type of person to condone any behavior that would end up being harmful to anyone else but at the same time I’m not going to limit my lyrical content to things that don’t really relate to me or sing about things just because they rhyme.”

On naming her album Honeymoon: “‘Honeymoon.’ I guess it’s the word that sums up the ultimate dream. I mean, life is a honeymoon, y’know? Life, love, paradise, freedom…that’s forever. With someone, or just with yourself. It just felt right, kind of the way Ultraviolence felt right before that, when I had a little more rage [laughs]. I love the concept that life is a dream and you curate your own space so that it becomes your heaven. It’s all contingent upon your state of mind, which is why I don’t always do interviews—because it puts me in a bad fucking mood. I really try and keep my world beautiful but it’s tricky. We’re at a point in time when life truly can be what you want it to be.”

Del Rey also appears on the glossy’s cover, which was shot by photographer Steven Klein and left totally unretouched.

Don’t forget to grab your copy of V when it hits stands on September 10. Alternatively, pre-order it here.

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Lana Del Rey premieres ‘High By The Beach’ on Apple Music’s Beat 1

Lana Del Rey premiered ‘High By The Beach’ during an interview for Apple Music’s show ‘Beat 1’ this Monday, August 10, live with Zane Lowe. Make sure you listen and watch everything below!

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Direct link here!

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Rick Nowels talks about working with Lana Del Rey

Writer/Producer Rick Nowels was recently interviewed by Songwriter Universe where he discussed many things including working with Lana Del Rey.

Nowels has worked with Lana on co-writing multiple songs of hers on “Born to Die” and “Ultraviolence.” He also co-wrote and produced the hit single “Young and Beautiful” from The Great Gatsby film and soundtrack.

Below is the part of the interview where Nowels talks about Lana.

DK: It’s very impressive that you’re now having success with one of today’s big stars, Lana Del Rey. How did you hook up with her, and what makes your collaboration work so well?

Nowels: I had seen Lana’s videos when I lived in England in 2010. I knew she had a vision. When we moved back to L.A., Anne Zogby in my manager’s office asked me if I wanted to meet her. I said “of course”. When we met, she was living out of a suitcase between London, New York and Los Angeles, collaborating with different people. She didn’t have a record deal yet, so she had a lot of songs with different writers. I felt completely simpatico with her vision. I love and understand the records that inspired her. The first song we wrote was called “TV in Black & White”. The second song we wrote was “Summertime Sadness”. I felt it was a career song. I realized she was an amazing songwriter and lyricist. When we were recording the song, we wrote “Dark Paradise” in-between takes of “Summertime Sadness”…literally recording one and writing another. It was a very exciting time. That album became Born To Die, which has become an iconic album. I think it has sold 8 million to date.

We continued to write together and wrote “Cola”, “American” and “Body Electric” on Born To Die: The Paradise Edition. I’m really proud of those songs. I love that Lana quotes Walt Whitman. Five of our songs were recorded for the Ultraviolence album. “West Coast” was the first single, and “Shades of Cool” was the second single. She is a one of a kind artist and keeps growing. She’s such a natural writer and singer and has a real vision for who she is and what she wants to put out into the world. I think she will be a future legend.

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Francesco Carrozzini talks about Lana Del Rey

Francesco Carrozzini, Lana Del Rey‘s boyfriend and famous photographer, who is helding a photo exhibition in Istanbul, Turkey, since May, gave an interview to Hürriyet Kelebek where he spoke about his relationship with her girlfriend.

HK: What was your sexiest shoot so far?
FC: [He talks about his work.] And of course let’s not forget about my girlfriend Lana.

HK: Okay but which one? You have been with Lana Del Rey for about a year now and you’ve done two shoots. You also shot the video for ‘Ultraviolence’, which has a high sexual dosage.
FC: That’s not the sexy shoot I was talking about though. It’s always harder to work with someone for a long time if you have known each other for a while. I have my experiences with that, since I’ve been working with my mom for years.

HK: Let’s talk about your relationship with your girlfriend…
FC: I moved from New York to Los Angeles for 7 months to be with her. To be honest I thought I would only stay the winter, then return back to New York and we would find a way to work it out.

HK: So your love was stronger than you thought…
FC: Yeah, that’s safe to say. We have an isolated, calm life in Los Angeles. We are in our own world. It’s good for work as well, all the actors and musicians are in Los Angeles. And I work with them. We are able to take care of our jobs and go back to our shells. Our house is also not very visible; it’s peaceful. We surf, we ride around with motorbikes.

HK: But both of you are very busy, how do you make time for each other?
FC: We have to choose most of the time. Sometimes we cancel our work to spend time with each other. Or we plan around our schedules. For example I was with her on her last tour. You have to make sacrifices to make things work.

HK: You are a well-known photographer, your family is famous, your girlfriend is a star, all the paparazzi are following you. Don’t you get overwhelmed?
FC: We have no social life anymore, because we have to protect ourselves. We don’t accept invitations or go to parties. And when people force me, I always make up excuses like “I’m traveling”.

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Exclusive interview with Cole Stroud from Lana Del Rey’s new video

Model Cole Stroud opens up about Lana Del Rey‘s upcoming new music video and being on set with her exclusively for us! All rights reserved to and its respective social networks © Hi Cole! First of all, thank you so much for doing this. It’s a pleasure for us to be able to create a connection between the fans and someone who will be featuring on the most antecipated music video of Lana Del Rey.
Cole Stroud: Oh I love answering fans. Can’t believe myself how dedicated all Lana’s fans are but I love it! Tell us, how did this opportunity of being on set with Lana Del Rey happen?
Cole Stroud: I actually got booked for the video through my good friend Austin Kellogg who was originally booked for the project already. I was just a lucky one. Did you enjoy the experience? How was it to be working and meeting Lana?
Cole Stroud: I always love being on set but with Lana it was stress free and we got all the shots we needed with ease. It was a pleasure working with everyone involved and I cannot wait to see the video whenever it comes out myself! Lana has a such a sweet soul and she only sends positives vibes. Such a talented human being. Never got any bad vibes from her and her love for her fans is so strong. That sounds amazing! Is it true that the recordings were made at the Korean Friendship Bell, San Pedro, USA? Any other places around as well?
Cole Stroud: San Pedro was the only location I shot at. There is more to the video I’m sure that I don’t know about so I’ll be surprised just as much as all her fans will be. Actually, we have seen the pictures you and Austin Kellogg (the other model that will appear on the video) shared online. Can you tell us, there were more boys on set? And what did you guys have to do?
Cole Stroud: There was one other guy that shot with us, his name is Jake Mast. I can’t say anything about the video but I will tell you that everyone will love it whenever it drops! Gotta keep it a surprise! Fair enough! Thank you. By the way, apart from our questions, we decided to give this opportunity to some of our wonderful Twitter followers as well and allow them to ask you something!

@GangsterBitch0 would like to know if there were fast cars, pills and parties?
Cole Stroud: Nope, nothing party related other than friends hanging out together.

@champagneforeva wondered if Francesco Carrozzini helped in the making of the footage?
Cole Stroud: Francesco Carrozzini wasn’t there the day I was on set so I’m not too sure if he had a part in the video or not.

@MavoyOfficial also asks does any famous person appear in it?
Cole Stroud: Not that I know of.

@LDReyHoneymoon and @TrueLanaNews go a bit further and ask if you know what does Lana do in the video and if she dances with her red dress in the pale moonlight?
Cole Stroud: I wish I could tell every one everything I knew about the video but then it wouldn’t be a surprise when it comes out! I’m not 100% sure what song the video is for but fans have been asking if the video is for “Music To Watch Boys To” and to be honest it would make sense but I have no idea. I was not told.  Thank you Cole! You are the sweetest.
Cole Stroud:  Thanks so much xxxx

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Twitter: @ColeAStroud
Snapchat: Stroudcole

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