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Lana Del Rey was recently interviewed by Pitchfork. She talks about her past and present albums including their lyrics and her transformation to a happier self. She also touches on criticism, fans and more. Here is a preview of the interview. Click here to read the full interview. Pitchfork:(...)
German newspaper Neue Westfälische recently interviewed Lana Del Rey about her upcoming album "Lust For Life," which will be released on July 21. Below is a rough translation of the interview. Ms. Del Rey, her debut album five years ago was called "Born To Die", the new "Lust For Life". Documen(...)
You’re in the bar, playing guitar I’m trying not to let the crowd next to me It’s so hard sometimes with the star When you have to share him with everybody You’re in the club, living it up I’m trying not to let the crowd notice me ~read the full lyrics here~ Earlier today, two new(...)
White lights and black beaches And blood red sangrias We traveled for weeks Just to escape your demons But you've got your reasons In making me crazy ~read the full lyrics here~ The upcoming album by Lana Del Rey - "Lust For Life" - is finally available for pre-order. Two new songs are also(...)
It's finally here! Lana Del Rey and The Weeknd have released their music video for "Lust For Life", the song from Lana's upcoming album of the same name. This very simple video, yet elegant in its style and colours is the contination of "Love". It also features Lana's backup dancers, Alexandria (...)