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It's finally here! Lana Del Rey and The Weeknd have released their music video for "Lust For Life", the song from Lana's upcoming album of the same name. This very simple video, yet elegant in its style and colours is the contination of "Love". It also features Lana's backup dancers, Alexandria (...)
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Lana Del Rey appears in French magazine Paris Match, which will be out on newsstands on May 18. She talks about her music and her writing! Lana was even spotted shooting for this magazine on March 28 with photographer Sébastien Micke. The magazine tells us that Lana's upcoming album - “Lust f(...)
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Pitchfork have announced that Queen of Rock n Roll Stevie Nicks (Fleetwood Mac) will be featured on a song on Lana Del Rey's upcoming album "Lust For Life." Unfortunately, no other information has been given as of yet. However, the news follows Lana's reveal of The Weeknd featuring on the title (...)
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The director of Lana Del Rey's "Lust For Life" album trailer, Clark Jackson, spoke to Pitchfork about the video. He reveals the concept and influences for the video, how they made the Hollywood sign, what it's like to work with Lana and more! Read the entire interview below: What was the con(...)
Climb up the H Of the Hollywood sign, yeah The title track from Lana Del Rey's upcoming album 'Lust For Life' premiered at 7:30pm on Radio 1 this evening, along with a brief interview with Lana herself. The beautiful song features The Weeknd and Lana describes it as the "perfect track" for him t(...)