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Lana Del Rey will return to North America, Europe and South America in 2018, plus new Lust For Life merchandise

On September 22, Lana Del Rey went live on Instagram to discuss her upcoming tour dates and new merchandise. In the livestream, Lana announced that her tour will start in North America, with seven dates in Europe. However, she is planning on returning to Europe: “We’re going to double back around the back half of next year.” In regards to touring in the Middle East, Lana adds that is still in negotiation, but there are some dates in South America that will be revealed in time.

According to Lana’s website, pre-sale tickets will be on sale this Friday (29th). There will be a special guest joining Lana on tour that she adores! To gain access to the pre-sale, you have to buy some new merchandise from Lana’s official store before Thursday, September 28th at 11:59PM EST. However, please be aware that in the livestream, Lana said the pre-sale will be on Wednesday (27), with the general sale on Friday (29).

Lana has released a few items now but has confirmed there will be 15 items altogether. The rest she will be rolling out over the next month. She adds “The windbreaker is my favorite and super glamorous,” and the red knit shirt (which Lana is wearing in the tweet below) will be released on Monday 25.

The tour dates will be released on Friday (29), along with some pop-up shops for merch around Tyler, the Creator’s Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival in late October. Head over to Lana Del Rey’s Instagram to catch her livestream before it goes away – she shows a lot her merch!

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Lana Del Rey will perform at Memorial Tribute to Leonard Cohen

It’s no secret that Lana Del Rey has always been a huge fan of Canadian singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen, who passed away in November 2016; less than a month after the release of his last album “You Want It Darker.” Lana even recorded a cover of one of her favourite songs by him titled “Chelsea Hotel No. 2” which you can listen to below.

When the news of his passing broke, Lana said something on Instagram about how much he meant to her:
“I’d be lying if I said it didn’t kind of break my heart that I never got to tell you how much you changed me. Not that it would’ve mattered to ya, it’s just that other than Bob [Dylan] and Joan [Baez?] you were the only person I ever really felt spoke my language.”

Cohen’s son Adam shared that his father left him with a list of instructions before his passing. He said “Put me in a pin box next to my mother and father. Have a small memorial for close friends and family in Los Angeles… and if you want a public event do it in Montreal.” Adam said he sees the concert as a “fulfillment” of his duties to his father, “that we gather in Montreal to ring the bells that still can ring.”

With that, Cohen’s family have announced the “Tower of Song: A Memorial Tribute to Leonard Cohen.” It will be held to mark the first anniversary of the singer-songwriter’s passing on November 6 at the Bell Centre in Montreal, Canada. Many musical guests will perform including Lana Del Rey, Elvis Costello, Sting, Feist, Philip Glass, Adam Cohen, the Lumineers’ and more.

In addition to the musical guests, more performers (including actors honouring Cohen through spoken word performances) will be announced soon.

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Lana Del Rey premieres “White Mustang” Music Video

On September 13, Lana Del Rey premiered the music video for “White Mustang”; the third single from her latest album “Lust For Life” after “Love” and the title track.

“White Mustang” opens with a zoom into location where Lana stands over a man (Icelandic actor Eðvarð Egilsson), who stares at her lovingly. The video is about the pair and their relationship which ultimately fizzles out as she chooses to push him away. The video continues even after the short dreamy ballad (2.44) finishes to make up 4 minute and 40 second video, where Lana is seen driving a White Mustang, of course, in what looks like a subtly futuristic LA. She seems hopeful, despite it all.

Check it out below:

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Lana Del Rey to release music video for “White Mustang” tomorrow

On September 8th, Lana Del Rey shared the first teaser for the upcoming music video her song “White Mustang.” Today, Lana shares the second and possibly final teaser as she reveals the full music video will be out tomorrow (September 13).

Taking roads less traveled

A post shared by Lana Del Rey (@lanadelrey) on

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Lana Del Rey shares preview for “White Mustang” music video

On September 7, Lana Del Rey posted a 45 second preview of the “White Mustang” music video, which is coming soon. This comes after Lana deleted all of her Instagram posts for a fresh start for this new era.

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