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Lana Del Rey announces title of upcoming album

On March 30, Lana Del Rey announced the name of her new and upcoming album on social media along with a trailer, which can be viewed below.

The record is titled “Lust For Life” and although there is no official release date as of yet, Lana teases that it is “coming soon.”

The album trailer features a mysterious, explanatory voiceover from Lana, along with hints of old Hollywood, space and even witchcraft.

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Lana Del Rey reveals she is working with Miles Kane in BBC Radio 1 Interview

On February 24, Lana Del Rey spoke to Jo Whiley from BBC Radio 1 to promote her new single LOVE.

Lana revealed that she is in a rehearsal space in Los Angeles working on something with Miles Kane of The Last Shadow Puppets. She said it’s for a surprise, adding it’s “so funny.”

Jo also spoke to Lana about preparation for the Brit Awards – the dress, what’s in her handbag and what goes through her head whilst she’s in front of the camera flashes.

You can listen to the full interview below or on the BBC website by clicking here.

You may recall just a few weeks ago, Lana was spotted singing karaoke at a bar with Miles, and also Alex Turner of The Last Shadow Puppets.

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Lana Del Rey films a new music video (February 23)

On February 23, Lana Del Rey tweeted that, at the stroke of midnight, the “ingredients” can be found online on the following dates: Feb 24, March 26, April 24, May 23.

These dates just happen to line up with the dates witches are casting a mass spell against President Donald Trump. Witches all around the world are gathering to perform a binding spell to prevent Trump from harming other people.

In order for the spell to work, the witchiness must take place at the stroke of midnight on every waning crescent moon. It is important to note that the spell is said to be the most effective on June 21 as that is the summer solstice. June 21 is also Lana Del Rey’s birthday.

Some fans believe that the first ingredient is the single LOVE, believing Feb 24 to have been the official planned release date before the single was leaked. Lana’s official website changed it’s layout to promote LOVE today which further backs up this theory.

Or are we overthinking this? Maybe it has nothing to do with Lana’s upcoming album and she’s just encouraging people to join in the spell casting, because the ingredients for the ritual can be found online.

Either way, Lana was filming a video on February 23 which could indicate that a new song and video will be released soon. There is also another theory that her fourth studio album could be released on June 21. Lana was photographed with Chuck Grant, Alan Champion, Hunter Ray Crowder, Joanne Della Ragione and Alex Lill (the director).

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What are your theories?

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Lana Del Rey in interview for BBC Radio One (February 20)

Just a few hours after the release of “LOVE”, on February 20, 2017 Lana Del Rey was on the phone to MistaJam from BBC One for her very first interview.

She revealed that “I am just so happy that this is the first single because I really love the message and the sound of the record has like a mix of everything that I really love sonically” and about her debut single is a “good representation where the sound is headed“.


Listen now:

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Watch Lana Del Rey’s ‘Love’ music video

The first official music video to mark the big return of Lana Del Rey is finally out! ‘LOVE’, directed by Rich Lee, is a surreal vintage space love story that ultimately speaks for itself.

Lana’s videos are often simple, yet very aesthetically pleasing – and ‘LOVE’ is no exception. The video shows Lana, in black and white, singing dreamily as she wears a white dress and flowers in her hair. This is intertwined – in colour – with the vintage space love story, featuring beautiful landscape imagery of outer space.

The video, and Lana herself, are presented with a classy elegance but manage to take you on a journey that makes you feel like you’ve seen the world. Lana sings delicately and full of passion, treating us to some full smiles. After all, Lana said this album is one for her fans. Watch it below!

During the morning of the video premiere, Lana was live on Instagram to announce the release and share some thoughts with her fans: “I have lots of cool things to keep on telling you over the month and some cool events coming up too so look out for that.”; “My favorite part of the video… we have all of our friends in the video (…) I just love everything Rich did, which making the space scenes look so real but so surreal at the same time.” And about the aesthetic of the upcoming album she said: “I would say retro-sensibility with a futuristic flair.

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‘LOVE’ is the first track to be taken from her forthcoming album, which is due out later this year. The album is a body of work created by Lana and her longtime producer and collaborator Rick Nowels. Producers Benny Blanco and Emile Haynie also participated on ‘LOVE’. The album is also set to include some exciting guest featured artists – full details to be shared at a later date. Of the announcement, Lana said: “I made my first 4 albums for me, but this one is for my fans and about where I hope we are all headed”.

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