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Two new Lana Del Rey songs ft. A$AP Rocky premiere on Beats 1 Radio

White lights and black beaches
And blood red sangrias
We traveled for weeks
Just to escape your demons
But you’ve got your reasons
In making me crazy
~read the full lyrics here~

The upcoming album by Lana Del Rey – “Lust For Life” – is finally available for pre-order. Two new songs are also available for immediate download when you pre-order the album.

The two songs had their worldwide premiere on Beats 1 Radio. The first song is titled “Summer Bummer” and features American rappers A$AP Rocky and Playboi Carti. The second is “Groupie Love” which also features A$AP Rocky.

“Summer Bummer” was produced by Boi-1da, who has also produced work from artists such as Drake, Eminem, Rihanna and Kendrick Lamar.

The entire “Lust For Life” album will be released on July 21, with the vinyl, cassette and boxset versions to be released on September 28.

Pre-order “Lust For Life”:

Google Play
Official Store

Lana spoke to Zane Lowe on Beats 1 Radio. You can listen to the full interview here on Apple Music, however here are some highlights:

On Relationship with Rocky
“He was in my video for National Anhtem and I’ve been in touch with him since then. He travels a lot but whenver he’s in town.. I’ll come down to the studio and see what he’s working on, do background vocals on his tracks. There probably are lots of tracks sometimes that we’ve both worked on. We do them and forget them.”

On Groupie Love
“I think I had four tracks I wanted to play for Rocky. I played them for Hector first (one of ASAP’s producers). He thought out of all of them, Rocky would like Groupie Love. I played it for Rocky and Rocky loved it. He came down and he did a verse. A couple months later he decided he wanted to do it different so he did a different verse, then we changed up the production a bit.”

On Her Tracklisting
“My tracklisting changed a lot in the past few months. The middle section has a lot of fire in it, even though it’s not that fast; the beats are hard.”

On If She’s Awkward
“Yeah, I can be so awkward. Depending. I mean I don’t really care that I’m awkward.”

On A World Tour
“I have five one off shows that people probably wouldn’t know about. It’s weird with the festivals because it almost feels like a tour, but it’s not. I really want to go out with somebody that I love. I want to go out on the road. Like I did with Courtney Love. 2 Years ago.”

On Collabs
“I’ve done so much with Miles Kane. The guys from TLSP were Working on a side project. It was like December through March. It seemed like a good idea, but after listening to all the songs I felt like they were really for Miles. For his solo stuff. I hope they keep the tracks that we did. We did so many of them. I was doing some stuff with a couple of people but I don’t really want them to come out. [..] We were talking about Marina before, we always say we’ll do something but I don’t know what she’s gonna do with her music.”

On ‘Yosemite’
“It’s a track I spoke about online and in interviews and it’s just not on the record. It’s too happy. We’re just not there yet. JK. That was a weird thing to say. I’m getting to the place I was singing about in Yosemite, and I’m just not there yet.”

Here is the complete tracklist:
1. Love
2. Lust For Life (feat. The Weeknd)
3. 13 Beaches
4. Cherry
5. white Mustang
6. Summer Bummer (feat. A$AP Rocky & Playboi Carti)
7. Groupie Love (feat. A$AP Rocky)
8. In My Feelings
9. Coachella – Woodstock In My Mind
10. God Bless America – And All the Beaches
11. When the World Was At War We Kept Dancing
12. Beautiful People Beautiful Problems (feat. Stevie Nicks)
13. Tomorrow Never Came (feat. Sean Lennon)
14. Heroin
15. Change
16. Get Free

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Lana Del Rey meets with CEO of Interscope Records

On July 11, Lana Del Rey made a visit to the Interscope Records office where she met with Rick Ross and CEO Steve Berman.

Lana has been with Interscope Records since October 2011, and will be releasing her next album “Lust For Life” with them.

The link for pre-order will be up later tonight after two new songs have premiered on the radio. Catch “Summer Bummer” and “Groupie Love” (both featuring A$AP Rocky) on Beats 1 at 9AM LA, 12PM NY, 5PM UK.

The songs will also premiere on BBC Radio 1 at 11AM LA, 2PM NY, 7PM UK (2 hours after Beats). Lana will be giving both stations a brief interview along with the premiere of her newest songs.

Lana also revealed in a video (below) that she is excited about something coming out later this month with Complex.

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Lana Del Rey features on July issue of Les Inrocks magazine

Back in March 2017, Lana Del Rey was photographed by Molly Matalon for the cover of French magazine Les Inrockuptibles. The issue will finally be out from July 5 to 11.

You can read the interview on their website here. However, it is in French and so we have created a rough English translation below.

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You have not released anything since Honeymoon in 2015? How do you know or or do you feel you’re ready for a new album?
My problem isn’t starting, it’s stopping. Even when you’re supposed to have finished the album, I keep on going, I always want to add a song, then another. If there was no mixing to grab me at the end of the album, I would continue to write. For example, two songs from the new album were composed while we were finalising the previous one.

I can’t help but work. I love being in the studio. I feel at home. I’ve been using the same location in Los Angeles for five years, working with the same small team, including producer Rick Nowels. We spend our lives here.

Do you ever feel stressed about starting blank?
It was a fear that overwhelmed me before I started recording real records. It was very present at that time before I was successful, when I recorded for simple pleasure, when I wrote alone in my house. I was convinced that the inspiration was going to let go and it happened regularly. I was unable to compose for six months sometimes.

But for ten years, I find inspiration easily – or it finds it. I learned to stimulate it. Notably by refusing loneliness, going out with friends, observing what happens, without stress. I use my phone without stopping in dictaphone mode, and I record notes of melodies, phrases… it’s a little scary, I must have seven hundred drafts of songs on my phone.

I know from experience that if I hear a melody in my head, I have to run to my phone to record it, even in the middle of the night. A good melody never knocks twice at your door. If you don’t welcome it, it will go and ring at another door. For example, during Honeymoon, I reguarly heard a melody in my head, which tortured me and I couldn’t catch it. It sounded like Resnaissance music… I had to hum this melody for months to tame it. It become Terrance Loves You. [She sings along]

As a teenager, you had a reputation of a daredevil? How is it expressed today?
My challenges are no longer physical, I take risks elsewhere. At the age of 18, I drove like a crazy person, I went for days and nights without sleeping. I was more free, more spontaneous and I cared little about the consequences. I have more responsibilities today, towards my relatives, my partners… I am obliged to set an example, to arrive on time, on the right day. In the past, I had enough work with myself, just to keep me alive, before I could find the time to take care of others. Where I take risks in 2017, it is at the level of melodies, of my musical choices. But I’m a bit of a daredevil to nerd [laughs]…

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Lana Del Rey confirms “Lust For Life” album pre-order date

As the “Lust For Life” album release date (July 21) is fast approaching, fans have been wondering when we will be able to put our pre-orders in! Fortunately, Lana Del Rey has finally answered our question and put our minds at rest.

She said in a response to a fan on Twitter that the album will be available for pre-order on July 12, along with TWO new songs.

Lana also went live on Instagram for 3 minutes to inform us of this and say she will keep us updated as things happen. Are you excited?

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Stevie Nicks interviews Lana Del Rey for V Magazine

Lana Del Rey is on the cover of V MAGAZINE, which will be out from July 6. The featured interview is in conversation with Stevie Nicks (Fleetwood Mac), who also features on one of Lana’s songs from her upcoming album!

The photoshoot was shot by Steven Klein, who also did Lana’s last V cover, and the styling by Robbie Spencer. Lana spent a sunny afternoon on horseback for this absolutely stunning shoot! You can see the photos in the gallery below or Lana in action during this behind the scenes video that features a preview of the song “Cherry.”

Pre-order your copy of V Magazine online here

In the interview, Lana reveals her favourite song from Lust For Life is “Yosemite” and shares some of the lyrics! She also confirms some more song titles that will be on the album.

A preview of the interview is below, but you can click here to read the full interview on V Mag’s website.

SN So, let us start here on your new record. But let us first touch on the fact that your first record was called Born to Die. Now this [record] is Lust for Life. In between that, what is it that affected you enough to go from Born to Die to Lust for Life? Because Born to Die is pretty dark and Lust for Life is pretty light. If you have a lust for life, that’s a pretty strong statement.

LDR Yeah, they’re complete opposites, and it’s funny because when I chose the title, I didn’t think about it right away. It was the title of the first song I wrote for this record. But there are so many things that have gotten me to the point that I’m at now. One of them is just time. And because I do write everything myself, I just wanted to chronicle how I was feeling honestly, in the moment, for each record. So, I had a lot of stories that I wanted to tell that I hadn’t told yet up until this point. And now, through the last four records, I got out a lot of those stories and a lot of those feelings, and for the first time, I’ve caught myself up to real time. And now, I’m at this place where I feel like I’m really present, and when I’m reading the news, I’m really reading it, whereas before I was a little bit in my own head. So, there’s definitely been a feeling of freedom and lightness being in the present moment. That brings on that lust for life feeling, when you don’t have all of those feelings about the past weighing you down. I remember an interview that you did once where you said, “Around every corner there’s an adventure waiting to happen,” and I’m kind of in that zone right now. I just feel like whatever each day brings me is something that I need and I want. It’s just time. Time has brought me here.

Note that the interview on their website is shortened for such, and you can read the full uncut interview in the magazine on newsstands from July 6. Better yet, pre-order your copy online here.

Stephen Gan, editor of V Magazine, says “they both have this romantic quality, and they are both ethereal and fairy-like” of Lana Del Rey and Stevie Nicks.

He adds “their music is similar in the way that it is sort of a slow burn.”

Lana is on top of Steven Klein’s own horse in the photos and, according to Gan, the idea behind the shoot was to capture the “nostalgic quality” of Lana, but in a “non-cheesy way.”

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