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On February 23, Lana Del Rey tweeted that, at the stroke of midnight, the "ingredients" can be found online on the following dates: Feb 24, March 26, April 24, May 23. These dates just happen to line up with the dates witches are casting a mass spell against President Donald Trump. Witches all a(...)
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On February 21, Lana Del Rey was spotted shopping with her friend and make-up artist Pamela Cochrane in Los Angeles, California. Whilst they were shopping, Lana unfortunately got a parking ticket for being parked in the wrong spot. Oops! Candids > 2017 > Out shopping with Pamela Cochrane i(...)
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The first official music video to mark the big return of Lana Del Rey is finally out! ‘LOVE’, directed by Rich Lee, is a surreal vintage space love story that ultimately speaks for itself. Lana’s videos are often simple, yet very aesthetically pleasing – and ‘LOVE’ is no exception. Th(...)
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On February 18, the day Lana Del Rey's new single was released, she was spotted at a bar in Los Angeles by a fan. The following day, Lana celebrated the release of "LOVE" by singing along in some videos she posted to her Instagram account. Candids > 2017 > With a fan in a bar in Los Angeles, (...)
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Lana Del Rey was spotted shopping on Melrose Avenue in California on February 6. Candids > 2017 > Shopping on Melrose Avenue in California, USA (February 06) x— 10 pictures were added —x More? Follow us on Twitter | Instagram & Like us on Facebook.(...)