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Lana was interviewed by NewNextNow

Yesterday Lana Del Rey was interviewed by TV producer and director Carly Usdin for the NewNowNext. The interview will be available on February, 1st. Lana also took a picture with Rory Rockmore who interviewed her together with Carly. Read here what he wrote about Lana on his website RoryRockmore.com:

Today at work, I went with my boo Carly to interview the flawless Lana Del Rey for NewNowNext. I don’t hide my love for this queen, but meeting her in person solidified her spot in my heart. She couldn’t have been any more sweet, soft-spoken, and funny. I can’t wait til the interview posts!

She was dressed pretty casual. Blue jeans & studded flats, t-shirt, and a bomber style black leather jacket. Her nail game was TIGHT – she mixes metals and wore a two finger gold ring… a woman after my own heart.

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Our site, LDRF,  in association with the team from the LanaDelReyWorld officially presents today the Lana Del Rey fans Facebook page:


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LanaDaily.com speaks to David Kahne

The team of LanaDaily.com had the chance to speak to the legendary producer David Kahne who produced and co-written Lana’s first album “Kill Kill”. Read here what he said.

LanaDaily.com: What was it like working with Lizzy in the studio? Describe her creative process.

David Kahne: It was good working with her. We were alone working most of the time, as it was a small budget album. Towards the end we were moving more into beats programming. I wanted her to play guitar, as she had a really different way of choosing notes, and there were some really interesting chords implied when she would have to accompany herself. I’d figure out a lot of the most interesting chords based on harmonic cues she gave in her guitar parts. I don’t think she plays anymore, or so I’ve been told.


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Penguin Prison talks about Lana Del Rey

During an interview for OCWeekly, Chris Glover,  most know as Penguin Prison was asked about his friendship with Lana. You can check the entire interview here. Recently, Penguin made a remix and a cover of Blue Jeans

You and Lana Del Rey are good friends. How did you become pals?

I’ve known her a couple of years. I don’t remember how I met her, but I made a remix and worked with her on some music. I’ve hung out with her a bunch and she’s an interesting character. I worked on a song with called “BBM Baby” about BlackBerry Messenger.

What’s the best story that you have about her?

She came to my house once to work on some things, there was a check cashing place near us and since there aren’t really any banks in my area (Washington Heights neighborhood of Manhattan), she wanted to cash this check from her grandpa and we had to call him and verify all the identities because of all the theft nowadays. It took a half an hour, but she got her money.

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Lana in the V magazine

Today I found some good scans of the latest V magazine at JustJared.buzznet.com and I’m happy to share them with you. You can also find an article on the official website by clicking here. Here’s an excerpt of it:

[….] “Oh my God,” she said in Cologne, “so much has happened in that short time. I didn’t even have a record deal then. In the space of four weeks everything just…happened.” By the time her first tour bus revved its engine at the start of autumn, she had become a glossy cover star, a viral marketer’s fantasy totem, an award winner, and a number-one recording artist on iTunes in Holland, France, the U.K., and Germany—courtesy of her exquisite noir ballad “Video Games”. It was a song she had crafted as the opening part of a breathy trilogy devoted to the broken heart, a subject she’d clearly learned much about in her twenty-five years of youth. [….]

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